Why work with me?

Because you yearn to break out, to be validated on a deeper level, and to answer the call of your wildest dream.

  1. Passionate
    Creating meaningful partnerships is my calling.
    I believe if you are reading this, then in some way I was born to be here for you right now. My life has been filled with learning and development of special gifts which could allow me to support you in a way that only I can.
  2. Magnetic
    There is great power in the unity of like-minds.
    I'm able to hold space so you can express your desires and then release them to be made manifest. By uniting through intention and focus, our partnership can create a channel of movement and flow for everyone's highest good.
  3. Safe
    There's no judgement here, just love and harmony.
    My entire life I have had people randomly share personal stories and heartaches with me. I use to find it strange, but now I see it as a blessing. I am a nonjudgmental rock of support, healing and love.
A Brief "Her"story 
I have always been called to this work and have taken the time to empower myself through education and practice as a certified Master Life Coach, certified Holistic Health Practitioner, certified Spiritual Mentor, educator, ordained (non-religious) minister and metaphysician. 

I have also studied healing arts, ancient practices and energy teachings, discovering along the way that I am a gifted energy worker with an ability to see energy in a unique way and connect on a deeper level.

With a background in psychology and life coaching, I blend years of experience and training with my natural gifts of intuitive "knowing" and vision to create a deeply meaningful experience for each person. You'll come away from our time together accessing deeper parts of yourself, tapping into your higher potential, and feeling energetically revitalized. 

If you are feeling the call to work with me, I am excited to honor you and look forward to our partnership. 

 ​- Kristine
Aside from being a coach and healer, Kristine is a mother to five children and happily married to her high school sweetheart. She has homeschooled all of their children for over 15 years and is an advocate for children and education methods which respect a child's personhood.

While her focus is on soulful healing and personal empowerment, Kristine is also an homeschooling mentor and available for homeschool mentor sessions.

Contact Kristine
Tel: 317.441.1458
Email: info@kristinecassady.com
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Professional Development
  1. Metaphysical Society of America: Member
    Metaphysical Society of America: Member
  2. Certified Spiritual Mentor
    Certified Spiritual Mentor
  3. Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
    Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
  4. Certified Corporate Life Coach
    Certified Corporate Life Coach
  5. Foundation for Shamanic Studies: Member
    Foundation for Shamanic Studies: Member
  6. Certified Master Life Coach
    Certified Master Life Coach
  7. International Association of Professional Life Coaches: Member
    International Association of Professional Life Coaches: Member
  8. Troy University: Psychology
    Troy University: Psychology