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Coaching with Kristine

Get Ready

My intuitive coaching style brings life coaching to a whole new level.  Not only will you go on a journey of self discovery and self actualization, but you'll receive intuitive leads and inspired messages during each session. Enjoy the benefits of coaching as it brings your potential to the surface so you can live the life you've been waiting to live.
We will begin our partnership with a brief 10-15 minute get-to-know-you chat via phone or video conference.

​This initial talk will allow us to get a feel for each other and help you articulate your desires so we can come away with an intention and focus for future sessions. We will also discuss the best method for our sessions and energy exchange for the service, along with setting your first appointment. 

I know it can be a intimidating to start any new venture. You'll be so grateful you listened to that inner voice that says this is the right "next step."

"Before working with Kristine I felt I'd reached a dead end in many areas of my life. The clarity and confidence I had after working with her allowed me to move forward and pursue a life that used to feel like a far-fetched dream. Kristine's unique manner was both comforting and energizing as she helped me sort through my energy blocks and realize my potential and set new goals."
​                                         - Allison

What to expect in coaching sessions...

Insightful Sessions

Block Scheduling

Flexible Location

Each coaching session is an hour long. They begin and end with a centering exercise, and you'll always come away with "insights" for the coming week. 
Sessions come in blocks of 4 weeks, one session per week. This ensures you get the most out of your time and investment. However, we can talk about other options.
Sessions can be in-person or virtually via video conference or phone call. We will dicuss your preferences during our initial partnership chat and do what works best..

Easy Exchange

Intentional Focus

A Journey

Each session costs $45 for those wishing to exchange money. Alternative options (like service exchanges) can be offered for those needing a different method.  
We will create an Intention Statement for each four week block. I will email you this statement along with other tools to help you stay supported and focused.
This is your journey. I can help you see the path more clearly, but you must walk, run or even hobble down the path yourself... Do the work and you'll get the reward!

Healing with Kristine

"On my first meeting with Kristine I wasn't sure what to expect. I went in to our session with an open heart and was richly rewarded by the experience. The guidance and tools I received are priceless and I refer back to them often. If I were to describe my session with Kristine in just one word it would be "Magical!" I would also want to chime in transformational, healing and complete." 

- Victoria

The Gift

Your physical body is not the only part of you that holds tension, stress, and pain. Your energy body also holds on to traumas. These burdens can go ignored for years causing blockages and even illnesses.

The ability to see energy flowing around a person, their energy blockages and the unseen world around us isn't something often talked about in "polite" society, but it should be.  With this gift I can help you in nearly every way imaginable.​

I am able to use my healing skills to clear and support the energy body, to connect with the unseen and bring clarity. I can also help bring answers and peace caused by trauma or emotional set-backs.

As an ordained minister, I can also support you during special ceremonies such as weddings,  coming of age events, end of life events, or any other event you need special support. 

Energy isn't bound by physical limitations, which allows me to work with you without us actually being in the same place or even meeting at the same time. For this reason, I am able to offer healing sessions that can fit into anyone's schedule.

*Special occasion events are discussed on an indivudal basis and will not follow the cost structure below.

Remote Healing Session
Online Healing Session
In-Person Healing Session

Time:  No meeting time
Cost:  $24.99

Time:  30-45 minutes
Cost:  $39.99

Time:  45-60 minutes
Cost:  $59.99

In the Remote Healing Session I'll ask your energy body to show me what I need to know. I allow the healing to unfold naturally by following the visions, words, ideas, and other perceptions as they come. 

After the session, I  record session notes in an audio file for you, sharing everything I saw and experienced during the session. You'll receive session notes via email shortly after I complete your session.

We will meet online in a video meeting. During the session, you'l be able to engage and give feedback about what I'm seeing/feeling, allowing deeper insight into the meaning of my visions in real time. 

After the session, we will discuss things you've experienced.  I'll  provide ideas for personal work you can do to help the healing further, and we can talk about follow-up work if it seems appropriate.
You'll fill out a brief survey so I can create sacred space specifically to enhance your experience and the work to be done. At the meeting, you'll be able to engage and give feedback so we can dig deeper.

After the session, we'll sit quietly to reflect and then discuss your experience. I'll provide ideas for personal work for further healing. A token from the scred space will go home with you after the session.
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