Homeschool Mentor

Since we can't know what knowledge will be most needed in the future, it is senseless to try to teach it in advance.

Instead, we should try to turn out people who love learning so much and learn so well that they will be able to learn whatever needs to be learned.
- John Holt

Experience You Can Trust

I started homeschooling when our oldest was forced to put her head down on her desk during pre-school's "Reading Circle" because she couldn't "blend her sounds" at 4 years old! I never wanted her to feel like a failure... to feel that she was "bad at learning!" 

Learning is the most natural thing we do as humans. I wasn't going to have her doubting her abilities, so we pulled her out of school and started to homeschool against all of my family's and society's doubts and skeptic remarks. This began what has turned out to be the greatest, most terrifying, and most rewarding journey of my life.

Over the years I have used a variety of curriculum, studied educational philosophy until I was blue-in-the-face, and read countless books on the subject. I believe everyone's homeschooling journey will be uniquely their own, as mine has been.

I have now successfully homeschooled our oldest through high school and into the college of her choice with a scholarship. I am committed to helping you claim your homeschool power so you can thrive individually and your family can grow together. I know you can succeed in this adventure, let me help you discover  how.

Areas of Specialty:

Trivium Method
Charlotte Mason Method
Classical Method
Thomas Jefferson Approach
Waldorf Method
Unit Approach
Interest Driven Approach
SOLE Method
The 7 Intelligences
Gregorc Learning Styles
Temperments/ personalities

Working with delayed reading skills
Working with delayed math skills
Homeschooling Asperger children
Homeschooling a child with learning disabilities
Homeschooling on the road/ traveling
Homeschooling multiple ages at once

Homeschooling through high school
Creating a high school narrative transcript
Getting a child into college
Handling family disapproval
Building trust with spouse/family

Helping new families get started

What to expect..

  1. Tailored Approach
    Your family is unique and your homeschool efforts should work with, not against, your needs. I take the time to learn what you need so you can move forward with confidence.
  2. Brief Sessions
    Each session runs 45 minutes, but can go longer. Homeschool Mentor sessions accomplish a lot in a little time. We are able to focus our discussion on the important points.
  3. Flexible Location
    Some people need to meet out of the house at a coffee shop or bookstore. Others prefer a home environment, while still others like video chat or phone calls for our time together.
  4. Simple Scheduling
    There are no set scheduling blocks required for Homeschool Mentor sessions . You can schedule a single session or a series of them depending upon your needs.
  5. Easy Exchange
    Each session costs $35 for those wishing to exchange money. Alternative options can be offered for those needing a different exchange.
  6. Powerful Results
    The homeschool journey can be scary at times, and the responsibility can be overwhelming. Our time together can change all of that for the better.

Let's connect about a session...

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